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At NW Artisan Hardware we understand that each sliding door hardware kit and installation is unique. With the following instructions we seek to simplify and clarify the process of installation for any situation. The hardware sold at NW Artisan Hardware works with doors of varying heights, weights, and lengths. All that is needed is a vision, and our hardware will fulfill it. Please email with any specific questions you might have, and we guarantee to get in contact with you within 12 hours.

Barn Door Installation Video

Need to Install Your Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit or Barn Door quickly and easily? Watch this short video with tips and suggestions!


Sliding Door Installation
Track - Track Stops - Strap

Standard length: 2x the width of the door (3/8 in. and 1/2 in. drill bit needed to install track)

1. Determine where the track will be positioned to best accommodate the door that will be hung.

2. Locate the position in which the lag bolts will rest. (Varies according to location of strength for bolts to enter).

3. Drill the holes in the track where the bolts will be installed, then drill a 1/2 in. hole on the end of each track (for stops).

4. Once the holes are drilled, Attach lag bolts to the wall through the drilled holes AND the 1/2in *spacers.

*NOTE: The spacers keep the track of the wall at an even length


1. Place the track stops at the end of both sides of the track, with the angle outward.

2. Connect with carriage bolts, and tighten.

Now that the track is hung, you are ready to hang the door.


One of the great things about NW Artisan Hardware's sliding door track is nearly any door works with it.

1. Choose the custom door of your choice, and locate desired positions of straps

2. Make appropriate markings, and attach the provided carriage bolts through the strap and the door. (Bolts can go either way, depending on desired look)

3. Once the door is attached to the straps, the door is ready to be hung. Place it gently on the track.


L Shaped Door Guide.

1. The bottom door guide is a 2" piece of L shaped angle steel. Drill the piece into the floor at the corner of the door to the side in which it will be sliding.

2. To maximize the guide cut a groove in the bottom of the door, or attach a small piece of wood on the back side of the door in which the guide can rest. This prevents the door from moving or rocking.

Remember: The weight limit of the door depends largely on the structure that the bolts are driven into. With adequate attachment, the limit exceeds 100+ lbs. a door.

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