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Barn Door Hardware by NW Artisan Hardware

Barn Door Hardware, can we provide your solution?

Interior barn door hardware kits are rapidly becoming a designers door of choice, but not just for the aesthetic value it provides. NW Artisan Hardware has the experience and research to help you reach your ultimate door goal, along with offering both style and substance. With a dedication to maintaining affordable prices, only the highest quality of material and labor are used. All products are manufactured in the USA, with the art and craftsmanship of an Artisan.

NW Artisan Hardware’s Sliding Barn Door Kits are simple to install, and yet still offer the ability of customization for each homeowner or contractor’s project. NW Artisan Hardware is focused on the individual, and will maintain the touch of an Artisan with each order.

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NW Artisan Hardware was created to provide affordable solutions to your design wants and needs. We provide both barn door hardware, handles, and hinges with the ability to customize your order.

Our affordable barn door hardware comes in different colors and customizable lengths of track. With a low profile design to save space and stay close to the wall we provide your interior barn door solution.

Take a look and find the rollers, the rail, the style and color you want. If you don’t see what you want contact us and we will help you find or create it!

The barn door hardware you want is just a few clicks away; decide which kit is right for your design project and get started today by clicking on a picture or you can click here to go to our shop.


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